Sunday, 21 December 2008

2009 Trend Watch

Here are my top tips for 2009 and beyond:

1) Open-minded businesses and leaders will innovate their way out of economic difficulties
2) On-line businesses will continue to grow, in line with knowledge of successful online behaviours
3) Business outsourcing will continue to grow, and drive the need for excellent networking ability
4) Large corporates will continue to shrink, as they understand how to change infrastructure
5) Door-to-door delivery services will continue to grow to support on-line retail business
6) Knowledge based businesses will continue to grow to support corporate compartmentalisation
7) There will be a continued rise in blogging, online publication and niche community membership
8) Longer term, there will be a revolution in manual labour through robotic workers
9) There will be a slow growth in demand for facility management and maintenance engineers
10) A rise in production of low-tech energy and water solutions will support third world growth

Happy 2009, may we all do our bit to achieve some of these goals !

Peter Jones
Director, Business Innovation & Strategy Ltd
Harrow, London

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domy said...

Great tips! I've been searching for tips for businesses that provide various product and service quotes for 2009.