Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Social Networks Front Page Must Attract Members Interest

Some social networking sites have reacted to problems with blog rants on their front page by removing the ability to see such activity.

It is estimated by some industry experts that activity levels are down on these sites by as much as 50%.

This is really very bad news, as it means new visitors to the site find fewer reasons to join, and existing members find it harder to connect with kindred spirits and potential business partners.

Instead of straight blog censorship, social networks need to build a star rating system for blog owners, showing response from objective viewers about the validity and responsibility of the blog owners approach.

Where bloggers do not respond to peer pressure, they can ultimately be ejected from the community, if they are spreading their "bad karma" and causing offence to others.

Restoring blogs to front pages but in a managed way will support the quality connections we all need in the 21st Century.