Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Beating Jargon Supports Business & Service Growth

Too many people have a tendency to hide behind business and services jargon.

The rationale is that it is a shortcut, a quick way to convey meaning, and that it speeds up conversation.

But is that true for new recruits ? Potential older employees who may not be part of the current zeitgeist after having brought up children ? Customers & suppliers ?

Does it really help speed up conversations that much if people don't actually understand, and either have to assume (spelt "ass" "u" & "me") meanings or leave the concept unquestioned, too scared to appear "stupid" ?

So how can businesses and services help customers, suppliers and employees understand their jargon, so that everyone is on the same footing, and conversation can genuinely be speed up.

Our resident business consultant, Peter Jones from Blue Oyster Innovation, Harrow says that it is now straightforward to build externally accessible reference points which customers, suppliers and new recruits can visit to learn about a business and how to connect successfully with it.

Rather than erecting a barrier to working relationships, this helps to build relationship bridges, and cement better working dialogue between all concerned. I turn this creates tremendous opportunity for the building and exchange of knowledge, both directly about a business or service and also in terms of complemetary businesses and services.

Isn't it about time the jargon barriers started coming down, and communication bridges started being built ?