Sunday, 21 December 2008

2009 - New Year Business Resolutions

So, another year finished, a new one ahead, and turbulent times to navigate. What new year's resolutions might help ? Try these:

1) Over Xmas quiet times, revamp your IT performance to be geared up for the New Year
2) Review performance - build on successes and change or remove failures
3) Review pain - can you outsource irritating, time-consuming or just plain scary jobs ?
4) Publish your skills, get out there in online communities and develop your profile
5) Try one new thing each month - innovate your way to growth
6) Take counsel - listen to advice, bounce new ideas off others

Best wishes for 2009.

Kind Regards,

Peter Jones
Director, Business Innovation & Strategy Ltd
Manager, Membership Rules - Product Development for the 21st Century

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