Thursday, 23 August 2007

Google Missing An Advertising Opportunity

Google are currently exploring myriad ways of presenting topics of interest to web browsers and earning advertising revenue from browser click through.

One such way is Google Desktop, whereby news and web page items are shown on a regular basis, and browsers are tempted to click through, in the process building up a usage profile.

However, some of the Google Desktop scripts are now being picked up as "malicious" by current Norton Anti-Virus software. This results in the Google Desktop shutting down.

The conventional way to solve this is by customers complaining to Norton, and waiting for a body of opinion to build up before Norton take action. This would be very slow.

From the Google perspective, missing revenue streams while the situation persists, a quicker solution would come by collaborating with Norton at a suitable level, finding out what Norton are trying to detect and how, and developing Google Desktop scripts in a way which integrates with Norton AV development practices.

The question now is, how to bring this to Google's attention. We can all play a part, providing we know someone who knows someone, who then knows someone inside Google.

Pass it on !

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